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6 weeks to unlock your YES to sex, surrender & life.

If your experience of sex, men and life don't have you dripping WET...


In our 6 weeks together in WET, you will have the chance to clear decades (and possibly lifetimes) worth of disappointment, resentment and rage towards men, the masculine, life and God (including what we’ve inherited from our ancestors and collective feminine pain body).

You’ll discover where and how you’ve been outsourcing your wetness and call it all the way BACK to your pussy and your life (including from current and past partners, relationships and sexual trauma).

You will clear shame and regret of past sexual and relational experiences, opening new pleasure and receptivity gates.

You’ll gain new, effective somatic practices for releasing trauma, addiction and repressed emotion from the body and psyche.

You’ll let go of fear of going out of control, the Unknown, vulnerability, emotion, your sex & desire and where it might lead you, a.k.a. the feminine.

You will learn that it’s possible to and how to feel safe in receptivity, aka gain trust in men, God, self and Life.

You will tap even more deeply into the full and true power of your WETness, learn how to cultivate this power and wield it with integrity and discernment.

WET will fundamentally shift your experience of being a woman on planet Earth, ushering in mind-blowingly better relationships with your current or desired partner, your body, sex and Life itself.

WET integrates the following powerful modalities:

– ThetaHealing® Subconscious Reprogramming
– Life Strategy & Desire Coaching
– Kundalini Yoga Breathwork & Meditation
– Sensual Intuitive Movement
– Somatic Release Practices

The Promise From Full Participation in WET:
  • Reprogram the mind and body to access more joy, connection, pleasure and WETness
  • Clear and resolve stored trauma and re-pattern your nervous system
  • Stop subconsciously recreating disappointment in relationship and life
  • Clear rejection, resentment and regret from past experience
  • Say goodbye to fear, anxiety and control and become genuinely receptive to God, life and men
  • Unearth an entirely new and dynamic relationship with self, men, pleasure, sex, surrender and life!
  • Unlock deeper, fuller, more surrendered orgasms and more sensation in your pussy both in and out of sex

6 weeks of Live Zoom Video sessions to recode your subconscious, your nervous system & learn to let go of control.

Prerequisites for WET:
  • You understand that the way you show up to and for WET impacts your experience and the experience of the group
  • You understand this work requires you to be an active participant in your own transformation and you are willing to do assigned exercises
  • You agree to join our Zoom live with video on
  • You’re willing to courageously, and with respect for how it has served you, set your armor down with love
WET is NOT for you if:
  • You’re not sure you’re going to show up present, on time and ready to transform yourself
  • You see others as the source of your problems and you’re not willing to learn how to feel safe to own your power to create a life of WETNESS
  • You’re TOTALLY satisfied with orgasm (climax) that is mostly mechanical (achieved by pressure, speed, vibration) and does not melt your entire being including your heart and touch the deepest spot of your soul.


It’s official, WET Round 2 is Coming in Spring 2023!


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It’s time to invest in yourself and your future

What You Get:

Course Includes:

  • 6 90-minute live weekly video sessions ($1200 value)
  • One 30-minute private coaching session with Alexis ($250)
  • Online group for q&a with Alexis, discussion and community support ($500 value)
  • Guidebook PDF with all journal prompts, assignments & tools for living your WET life ($87)
  • Lifetime access to all course recordings (video and audio)


  • Intro to ThetaHealing Audio
  • ThetaHealing audio on Perfectionism ($57)
  • Guided Heart Meditation ($39)

Total Value: $2000+


If you want to open your juicy wet receptivity to the pleasurable provision of life, join the waitlist for our next round of WET below.