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I built Sovereign University to answer a call I heard from the collective…

Your call.

A summons to reveal the navigation system for life that lives within you, that illuminates every cell of your being and beckons to be heard in the black of night.

I built it to create a world ...

where the finely sharpened blade of creative power, no longer strangled by the death and decay of doubt, disbelief and shame, unapologetically carves each life into an exquisite masterpiece.

A world where no one must sacrifice connection for success, freedom for relationship, integrity for acceptance, because we possess the tools to hold both at the same time.

Together, you and I are building a world where we know our sovereignty doesn’t come at the cost of one another’s and it’s safe to build each other up rather than tear each other down.

I know this world is possible and you do too. It’s why you’re here, heeding the call.

Sovereign University

Mission Statement

To activate congruence of desire, integrity and action in all areas of life for optimal fulfillment and impact in the world.

Sovereign University


To witness humanity move out of fear into love, reclaim our innocence and activate our power and potential to fulfil our personal mission while honoring the interconnectedness of all life, thereby restoring equity to the world.

About Alexis

Alexis Ware, L.Ac., MSTCM, founder of Theta School of Magic (2010) and Sovereign University™ (2020) is a life strategist and energy expert who has dedicated the last 10+ years to decoding sovereignty. Alexis is a licensed acupuncturist with a Master’s degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine (PCOM San Diego, 2009) and a certified ThetaHealer® and ThetaHealing® instructor with 14 years’ experience in restructuring subconscious belief systems to pave the way for clarity, congruence and actualization of purpose, desire and power. She is a Human Design strategist, Reiki Master and coach with comprehensive training in feminine orgasm, desire and its application to not only sex and relationships but to all of life (OneTaste®, 2013-2016). Today, Alexis specializes in teaching how to have sovereignty without sacrificing connection. She currently works 1-on-1 with clients inside 1 to 6-month private program containers in the Wake Up Series®. She created Sovereign University as a resource to serve all who desire to awaken and fulfil their greatest potential in service to love.

What is Sovereign University?

Sovereign University is a place to explore all aspects of sovereignty in connection. It is a center for resources on the journey home to self, love, purpose, meaning and truth and a place to meet other humans on the path to sovereignty.

What is Sovereign University’s culture and mindset?

All paths lead to Love, it’s just a matter of what route you take and what you want the scenery to look like along the way.

Sovereignty does not have to mean disconnection as it typically has in our cis-hetero-patriarchal past.  It is possible to be sovereign without posturing, demeaning or patronizing. You do not need to be a despot to be sovereign over yourself and your physical, energetic, mental and emotional domain.

It is safe to feel.

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