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10 Years of Therapy in an Hour

What does ThetaHealing do?

What if you could, with laser precision, remove everything from your psyche that keeps you from being your most expressed self, from knowing what you want at the deepest level of your being and from moving towards it without hesitation or apology?


If you’ve ever attempted to change an engrained thought or behavior pattern, you’ve likely noticed just how difficult it is. Your conscious mind can choose to change, but it’s NOT always that easy to translate into action.

That’s because the subconscious mind is responsible for about 95% of human behavior, and most of your subconscious programming comes from your parents, teachers and the media prior to 6 years of age. If the subconscious beliefs you learned in childhood or inherited from your ancestors for their survival have been keeping you from success, happiness and fulfillment, there is hope.

Through the ThetaHealing process, we now have the ability to modify our subconscious beliefs and restore congruence between where our conscious mind wants to take us in life and where our subconscious mind will let us go.

Outdated subconscious belief systems can lead to very real physical and emotional effects like chronic pain, anxiety, fatigue, depression, helplessness, or just dissatisfaction with some area of life.

Our bodies and minds work together like a computer, storing things from our past like memories, thoughts, skills and even traumas.

But imagine that computer has NEVER had its files organized and nothing has ever been deleted. It’s never ever had a software upgrade! It’s even got some viruses that massively slowdown and sabotage your work.

Do you think you would get the results you desire from this computer?

It’s time to upgrade your mental/emotional software and create some space on the hard drive of your mind and body to get excited about your full potential again!

ThetaHealing is a bridge between the conscious and subconscious mind, allowing us to upgrade old, dysfunctional programs that keep us stuck.

With ThetaHealing you can:

  • Connect with the innate wisdom of all 4 of your bodies (mental, emotional, physical and spiritual).
  • Access higher intelligence that exists outside of good and bad or right and wrong.
  • Get clear on your own deep and true desires
  • Activate the power to create those desires in your life
  • Do all of the above without feeling guilt or shame

Learn ThetaHealing® Now:

Registration is now open for both Basic and Advanced Theta in Santa Cruz, CA June 3-5 and 10-12.

Course Details:

Basic Theta:

June 3-5 Santa Cruz, CA (Aptos)

10am-6pm Friday, Saturday & Sunday

$650 Registration closes June 1st

(can be secured with $200 non-refundable deposit)

Advanced Theta

June 10-12 Santa Cruz, CA (Scotts Valley)

10am-6pm Friday, Saturday & Sunday

$650 Registration closes June 8th

(can be secured with $200 non-refundable deposit)

Cost of both classes includes:

3 days of instruction 10am-6pm

Class manual

Organic class snacks

ThetaHealing® book or Advanced ThetaHealing® book by Vianna Stibal

Certification as a ThetaHealer® (and/or Advanced ThetaHealer)

*Completion of Basic Theta is required for the Advanced Theta Class.

Register via email at:

Are you and/or your clients tired of being plagued by the same blind spot for decades, no matter how much coaching and/or therapy you do? Stop sabotaging your best-laid plans, raise your glass ceiling on earning and saving money, stop dating the same person with a different face, discover who you REALLY are beyond your programming and conditioning. Embrace joy, vibrance and health, quickly and easily find your way out of any trigger or negative spiral, no matter how intense, and get clarity on what you most deeply desire. 

Come learn ThetaHealing® in Santa Cruz, CA over a beautiful, joy-and-connection-filled weekend with me and those who will become your new theta family. 

Basic Theta Exercises:

  • How to use the ThetaHealing meditation to consistently access the theta brain wave in just minutes (the theta brain wave is associated with deep relaxation, spiritual sensations, healing and repair of the physical body, bliss/euphoria and flow states)
  • Body scan (intuitive body reading)
  • Group Healing with Unconditional Love
  • Belief work (change what you got subconsciously programmed with when you were a child and inherited from your ancestors…jailbreak your mind)
  • Creation of Feelings (learn how to generate specific feelings in yourself & your clients, e.g. joy, love, safety, worthiness, etc.)
  • Digging for Key Beliefs (discover what’s really all the way underneath what’s holding you back in life)
  • Introduction to the 7 Planes of Existence
  • Soul Fragment Retrieval and Return (get your ex all the way out of your system, stop agonizing over a past lover, abuser, or relative who has transitioned)
  • Clearing Wayward Spirits (from people and places)
  • Future Reads (learn to bend time and read the future)
  • Talk to Guardian Angels
  • DNA Activation (Awaken sleeping youth & vitality chromosomes)
  • Manifesting with ThetaHealing
  • SoulMates (how to attract your most compatible soulmate life partner and actually see them when they show up)

With many individual and partner exercises over the 3 days, you leave this course feeling refreshed, alive, connected and confidently performing ThetaHealing on yourself and others.

Advanced Theta:

In Advanced Theta you continue to develop your psychic and intuitive abilities, fine tune your clarity of what you read and develop even more trust in yourself as a practitioner. Over the 3 days of Advanced Theta you will learn and experience:

  • More in depth exploration of the 7 Planes of Existence 
  • Learn to talk to plants, crystals and animals
  • Communicate with the High Self
  • Healing the “Broken Soul” Exercise (repairing deep wounding and clearing apathy)
  • The Heart Song (letting go of deep and ancient grief)
  • Clear outdated vows on and to all the Planes of Existence
  • Sending Love to the Baby in the Womb (heals in utero imbalances i.e. hormones, substances, emotions, etc.)
  • Over 8 hours of “downloads” upgrading your body & mind’s baseline of operation in just about every imaginable area of life (total life-changer)

You leave Advanced Theta highly confident in your skills and abilities with a large repertoire of ThetaHealing exercises and with a whole new understanding of what it means to be the most expressed version of you.

Register via email at: