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Unveil My Voice

3 Part Series for Women clearing the ancestral, karmic and generational fear of speaking up and being seen

An intimate ThetaHealing® and Coaching Circle with Alexis Lauren Ware, Matriarch at Sovereign University

✨ 6 Women per circle ONLY ✨

3 Weeks

Round 3: October 25, Nov. 1, Nov. 8
Wednesdays, 12:30-2pm PDT

Round 4: November 13, 20, 27

Mondays 6-7:30pm PDT

Investment: $555 or 3 Monthly Payments of $199

This intimate ThetaHealing and Coaching Circle with Alexis Lauren Ware, Matriarch at Sovereign University will sell out quickly. If you feel a stirring in your throat, guts, genitals or soul, apply below.

This intimate Circle is for you if you want to:

  • Stop stifling your expression
  • Stop playing small
  • Stop censoring yourself
  • Stop procrastinating
  • Stop judgment and comparison
  • Start embracing your power
  • Start remembering who you are
  • Start living the fullness of your being
  • Start Expressing
  • Start Creating

We come together in a closed container for 1.5-2 hours each week via Zoom Video.

In Unveil My Voice, we delve deeply into our subconscious programming as those born into womb-bearing bodies, clearing unconscious vows to the collective feminine pain body and upgrading ancestral programs that veil our expression, having passed from woman to woman over generations.

If your voice were unveiled, who and how would you to be?

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What women are saying about Unveil My Voice:

Unveil My Voice was a pivotal turning point in cracking the code of not putting myself out in the world. I was able to clear so many layers of old caked on confinement. I have really started to be more consistent in sharing the wisdom I have. I feel empowered in a way I have not felt in this lifetime. I've had a lot of experiences in my 58 years and actually now feel like I'm just getting started. A whole new realm of possibilities is unfolding as a result of Unveil My Voice, and THAT it is doing. SO excited for what is next!

Marjean HoldenTrainer of Trainers, Author, Actress, Stuntwoman, Mentor, Transition Coach

Before Unveil My Voice, I felt so much frustration around being energetically blocked to speak up and feel like I can say what I want to say. I can recall numerous times I wanted to say something back, or express how I felt about a situation. I felt confused as to why, after so many courses and so much healing work and education, I wasn't able to fully share in ways I desired to. I was building up resentment for not speaking up, toward myself and others. I felt like I was done suppressing my voice and wanted to express myself in a more authentic way.

When I saw Unveil My Voice my body said yes! The course gave me a lot of clarity around what was holding me back and I received so many downloads about allowing myself to be who I was becoming. I definitely speak up now! I don't hold back as much, even when I'm nervous and feel like I don't want to speak up, I have an inner push telling me to do so. I received so many blessings and upgrades that I'm still integrating how to explain them. My voice feels more unhinged, more bold, more brave to take up space and to say what's on my heart and mind. I feel more ease with expressing from knowing vs.doubt. My voice feels more sure of herself and comfortable in being heard.

Natalia Romano-Williams MASomatic Therapist & Curandera