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Wake Up To Your Life

Wake up to what is possible when you actively train your senses, learn the codes to connection and disengage from the frequency of your trauma.

Reinstate your most valuable superpower and stop denying the wisdom of
The One In You Who Knows.

This course facilitates the integration of your lived experience from this and all lives, your inherited experience (that of your ancestors), as well as experience pulled from collective consciousness, so that you can put your power all the way in motion. Lift the weight of decades and lifetimes of the pain of being silenced and claim your role as creator/creatrix of your life now.

This course is like no other online course you’ve taken.

Each module contains an audio encoded with a tool that has the power to shift your subconscious psyche, activated by your conscious agreement. The downloads and clearings in these audios penetrate directly to the subconscious mind, the part of your brain responsible for 95% of your behavior, delivering instantaneous shifts to your life.

Wake Up To Your Life is a portal to your full potential. You’ll be lovingly yet firmly guided through your blocks to presence, connection, accountability and enjoyment of this wacky life as a soul having a very human experience.

You will blast through shame, blame, familial, religious and societal conditioning and integrate the trauma that comes pretty much guaranteed with the package of human life.

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It’s time to invest in yourself and your future


Wake Up to Your Life consists of 4 comprehensive modules.

Here’s what you can expect from each module:

Module 1

Occupy The Body

Cultivate Congruence and Reclaim your most potent Superpower

Resolve Shame & Trauma from the body and psyche

Module 2

Occupy Desire

Clear fear of puritanical punishment for having and acting on desire

Gain clarity on who you are and what you want.

Module 3

Occupy Connection

Break free of dysfunctional relational dynamics programmed in childhood and earlier (past life/ancestral inheritance)

Learn the formula for deep and sustainable connection

Module 4

Occupy Life

Lovingly repurpose your inner victim and break out of your addiction to external validation

Be the sovereign of your body and energetic field

Stop living for others; be the creative co-conspirator of your life.

Is this program for me?

If you desire to activate the power to wake up the one you came to be, this course is for you.

If you desire more mental, physical, emotional and energetic flexibility, freedom, agility and autonomy, this course is for you.

Is a major life transition brewing just below the surface? This course is definitely for you.

Do you know that inside of you lives an insanely powerful, talented creator yet for some reason you are compelled to keep them undercover? This course was designed for you, in particular.

Do you let yourself claim the FULLNESS of your desire or are you willing to sell your desire short to avoid unwanted reactions, frightening confrontations or intimacy?

Do you let yourself have what you desire or do you get hung up in the yearning stage? (trust me, I know this one WELL)

Do you say all the affirmations, drink all the celery juice and yet your dream health,  relationship and career haven’t magically materialized?

Do you control your environment so tightly that you’ve squeezed the joy and play right out of life?

Or have you gotten SO good at surrender that you actually have no aims and are floating rudderless in the ocean of life?

If you feel nailed by some or all of these questions then guess what…you’re human! We’ve all received some backwards training about what it means to live a successful life, how to get our needs met and how to know what we want in the first place.


Come get sorted; there is medicine here for all of you.

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It’s time to invest in yourself and your future

Money Back Guarantee:  We at Sovereign University stand fully behind the quality of all our courses. Enjoy this course for 7 days and if, at the end of those 7 days, you are not 100% satisfied with what you have received, we guarantee a full refund, no questions asked. Feedback is always welcome.
About Your Guide

Hi! I'm Alexis ...

Since Joe Dispenza popularized the concept of upgrading subconscious beliefs for optimal health and living, every coach on the market suddenly started touting the ‘clearing of limiting subconscious beliefs.’ This course is not a result of nor a part of that fad.

Alexis Ware, L.Ac., MSTCM, founder of Theta School of Magic (2010), has dedicated the last 10 years of her life almost exclusively to this particular field. Alexis is a licensed acupuncturist with a Master’s degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine (PCOM San Diego, 2009) and a certified ThetaHealer® and ThetaHealing® instructor with 13 years’ experience in restructuring subconscious belief systems to pave the way for clarity, congruence and actualization of purpose, desire and power.

Alexis has taught across the United States, in Guatemala and Turkey. She is a Human Design strategist, Reiki Master and coach with comprehensive training in the application of awakening human desire and sexuality to not only relationship but all of life (OneTaste®, 2013-2016). Today, Alexis teaches courses and serves private clients to know, feel and experience integrity of power, purpose and impact in 1- to 6-month private program containers in the Wake Up Series®. She also works with couples (sexual/romantic/business partners), provides energetic consulting for organizations and loves to collaborate with others dedicated to the path of compassionate Wake Up.

What is special about this course?

Science has proven that the subconscious, which makes up about 88% of our brain, is what really runs the show. While we like to think we’re in charge of our decisions and actions, our conscious mind accounts for only about 5% of our choices. That means our subconscious mind is literally responsible for about 95% of our behavior.

ThetaHealing is a tried and true method to systematically upgrade your subconscious beliefs that were largely programmed by the people and culture that surrounded you between the ages of 0-6 or earlier (more about that in the course) and aid you to be who you truly are and who you came here to be.

Over the past 11 years, Alexis has helped hundreds of clients and students wake up to what is possible when there is congruence between conscious and subconscious thoughts, beliefs and desires, a key to creating a life you love.

Alexis combines her expertise in the realms of shadow, desire and soul purpose integration, her background in acupuncture and Chinese medicine, an undergrad education in the expressive arts therapies and her specialty in reprogramming subconsious beliefs to bring you this groundbreaking course.

Wake Up to Your Life, Sovereign University’s pilot course, is modeled after her signature private program of the same name, which is currently valued at $2,000. Are you ready to see and feel what’s possible when you Wake Up to Your Life?

This course is a thorough and deliberate distillation of everything Alexis has taught her Wake Up To Your Life private program clients and students over the past 5 years and then some! Each of the 4 modules contain concepts, tools and a ThetaHealing audio designed to take you beyond your subconscious blocks, your learned and inherited fears and doubts, into the life of which you may have never even dared to dream.

Rather than asking what’s the cost of taking this course, ask what’s the cost of not taking this course!


To celebrate the birth of Sovereign University we are offering Wake Up to Your Life at a special introductory price (may never be offered at this price again).

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It’s time to invest in yourself and your future