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Wake Up To Your Life

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Wake Up to Your Life

Thank you so much for registering for Wake Up to Your Life, I am Alexis and I am honored to be your guide on this journey. This course is born out of the past 12+ years of working with private ThetaHealing® and coaching clients and learning, over time, which blocks to joy, fulfillment, love and deep satisfaction of life traverse the majority of my students’ and clients’ subconscious minds. I created Wake Up to Your Life 6 years ago as a 1-on-1 private program to help wake people up to their power to consciously create a life they love. I created this self-study, online version of the Wake Up to Your Life Program to make these tools accessible to far more people than I could ever lead through one at a time. It’s part of my soul purpose to assist as many people as I can to Wake Up to their life. As a private program this course is conducted over one month; this online course may be done at your own pace over the 6 months you have access, however, a 60-day container is recommended.

In this course, you will begin to learn the language of sensation. Please keep in mind that it is just that, an entirely new language. Unless you, like me, have practiced a technique for a substantial length of time to familiarize yourself with the language of your body, there will likely be moments in which you feel frustrated that you’re not “hearing” and feeling more. Please be gentle with yourself and allow yourself time and space to practice and gain this skill.

I want to frontload that in this course we talk about the energy of victim consciousness. Trauma and its effects are real. Victim consciousness can be created through our experiences of trauma, scarcity and injustice as well as inherited through our ancestors’ experience of trauma, scarcity and injustice. If you currently feel or are challenged in creating your life by design due to current or past trauma, I encourage you to pair this course with trauma-informed therapy, EMDR, brainspotting, coaching, somatic therapy, neurographic art and/or any other modality that supports your full integration of these experiences, both lived and inherited. There is no shame in having “victim energy;” it is an energy I have worked with much of my life and continue to do so. My exploration of and relationship to victim energy has played a huge role in my personal and professional work and is therefore one of my specialties within ThetaHealing. If you are currently in an abusive relationship, please seek support, when and if safe, to transition out in the safest way and timing for you.

This course, with its basis in ThetaHealing®, is designed to shift our relationship to sovereignty on all levels of our being through working with the mind, emotions and energy. You will experience shifts with this as a stand-alone course and, I personally believe that all our systems are connected; our energetic vibration, thoughts and emotions affect our physical and mental health and what we put into and do with our physical bodies in turn affects our vibration, thoughts and mental/emotional health. 

You may notice yourself naturally shifting habits, letting things go, creating new patterns of thought and behavior in your life. You may also want to intentionally create some structure to encourage and support new, more resourceful behaviors, patterns and habits.

I commend you for taking this leap of faith in action to Wake Up to Your Life. Enjoy your course, even (and especially) the challenging parts.