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I am raising an army of Free Witches.

  • “Follow the rules.”
  • “Don’t rock the boat.”
  • “Fly under the radar.”
  • “Don’t stick your neck out.”

Inherited from well-meaning ancestors and reinforced by concerned parents and systems of power that profit from our docility, these programs do keep us safe, but only in a soul-suffocating, creativity-crushing kind of way. They can never take us where we truly desire to go and where a part of us knows we are designed and even destined to go. We give these programs the power to keep us from being who we came here to be.

At some point, they stop feeling like protection and start feeling like strangulation. It’s just a matter of how long do we choose to choke on the overflow of energy in us desperately struggling against our conditioning to make its way out into the world. Most for-profit corporations would have us choke until death, because the more we stifle our creativity, the more we must consume – news, products, television, movies, more, more, more to fill the insatiable hole.

The time has come to uproot these outdated fear and scarcity-based programs, to upgrade our consciousness from self-preservation to Sovereignty in Connection and take our correct place as creators in and of our world.

A Free Witch is someone who is willing to alchemize their own fears both inherited and learned, into fuel for creation in service to love, in service to truth and in service to integrity.

A Free Witch is someone who is willing to take off the shackles of their programming, shatter all illusion of what they’ve been taught “is just the way it is” and create a new reality, one the earth may never have known before…

where men are not elevated over women nor women over men, where the entire spectrum of sexuality and gender is not merely tolerated or accepted but cherished, where creativity is worshipped over celebrity, where collaboration is valued more than money and where community is recognized as true gold.

The Free Witches Club Membership

This is a club for those choosing to claim a life of sovereignty in connection, a life of power, creativity and love in action now. We meet once each month, as a community, through the modern-day magic of Zoom. Each meeting includes a live group ThetaHealing® facilitated by Alexis Lauren Ware, L.Ac., MSTCM, Head/Heart Master at Sovereign University.

The Free Witches Club is the most accessible way to work directly with Alexis, a great introduction to ThetaHealing and means to connect with others living in accountability and integrity with a growing awareness of one’s relationship to self, other and All That Is, including one’s impact on the whole of life and all its parts. In each hour-long session we restructure subconscious programs and neural networks to activate power, clarity, connection and FREEDOM. Attend each session live or via the recording (ThetaHealing works exactly the same either way).

The Free Witches Club welcomes individuals of all races, religious and non-religious affiliations, genders and sexual preferences. Do you feel the call?

Topic: Closing Out Cycles to Plug Energy Leaks

Wednesday, April 28, 2021 5-6pm PDT

Like no other time in history, we live in a culture of “What’s next?” We’re in a constant state of moving from one thing to the next and then the next and the next, akin to autoplay binge-watching on Netflix when the next episode starts playing before you’ve even digested what you just saw.

When we jump into the next thing before we’ve finished the first or when we put something off, sometimes indefinitely, those cycles we leave open drain our energy. Just think about when you have several browsers each with tons of windows open at the same time and your laptop starts getting sluggish. These leaks also happen emotionally when we don’t fully process feelings (or it isn’t safe to do so), which become lodged as stress in our bodies.

Common signs of energy leaks are:

  • Starting lots of things with good energy that tapers to a halt
  • Overwhelm at how many things you are doing
  • Never feeling like you can get ahead
  • Projects on your list rolling from day to day or week to week
  • Feeling scattered, ungrounded, irritable

Too many open cycles or incorrect cycles left open create a sieve effect where you never feel truly replenished or recharged because the tiny (and sometimes larger) drains constantly pull energy away. No matter how much you put in you feel like you just don’t know where the time or your energy or your feelings of joy go!

Sometimes we avoid closure because it means an end and can be accompanied by grief, pain and feelings of loss (even when that closure is a successful completion). New beginnings sound exciting, but they also mean heading into the unknown (scary!). When we feel drained from energy leaks or frightened about heading into the unknown, we often seek comfort, even through unsupportive patterns because they are familiar and known. This creates subtle and not-so-subtle blocks to our personal power and sovereignty.

This month’s session is designed to get at the root of what causes us to leave cycles open and reprogram it, with love. We will address the subconscious programs and fears at play that tell us it’s not safe to close our cycles and gain clarity on which cycles to bring to a close and when and infuse us with power to carry that out.

After this session you may feel more clarity and power to close out overdue cycles and may experience more focused energy and greater joy, fulfilment and peace as a result. You may find it easier to let go of certain cycles (including relationships or patterns within relationships) that aren’t serving you in the highest and best way yet you’ve had a hard time closing out fully in the past.

Closing Out Cycles provides closure and thereby creates space for possibilities.

Let’s walk the path to freedom through Closing Out Cycles together.

Please attend the session live if you are able. Your presence helps create the collective field and the community of Sovereign, Connected beings, which is what The Free Witches Club is about.

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