Formless into Form

Taking flow off the pedestal and placing ebb on her rightful throne

A 6-week, intimate, live online group coaching and ThetaHealing® initiation for womxn.

Together we will learn to honor the ebb to move into flow, to tap the potential of the space in-between…the intersection between an ending and a beginning where all possibility is laid open in every direction and harness it with clarity, focus and direction.

On the macro we are all in such a moment now, as we shed a pre-pandemic way of life. What was is no longer yet what will be has yet to fully take form.

At the micro level, 2020 saw the breakup of a LOT of partnerships, romantic, professional, friendship and blood relative relationships. We are no longer held in the familiarity of what we once knew and may feel shaken in our sense of safety, security and place in the world.

Many of us are in the midst of a break up with an old pattern, a former identity, a past iteration of self, yet the new identity hasn’t fully crystalized and so are living in the questioning of, “Who am I and what exactly am I here to do and be?” We’re in some sort of in-between space of no longer in that old behavior/thought pattern yet not quite sure what to do with our more awakened self, perhaps not sure how to bring her out into the world. For some our confidence has risen and for others it has been shaken.

Regardless of the way we arrived, we’ve all been thrust into unknown territory. We are in a transition from one phase to the next and, as my teacher Nicole Daedone says, “All practice is for the phase transition.”

How we show up in the phase transition tells us everything about our capacity to trust, our ability to surrender and how deeply we have developed our skills of deep listening.

In this course you will learn to effortlessly and respectfully tap the potential of the in-between, the formless, the unknown, the mystery and, with clarity and power, channel it into the form that most naturally and effortlessly wants to arise within and from you as your power expressed in the world.

To help you navigate the terrain from formlessness to form, this program incorporates:

ThetaHealing® Subconscious Reprogramming
Life Strategy & Desire Coaching
Neurographic Art
Kundalini Yoga & Meditation
Sensual Intuitive Movement
Sensation TrackingTM
Human Design

We meet as an intimate, closed session of 9 womxn once a week for 90 minutes via Zoom Video.

Womxn as defined here is anyone who was socially conditioned into a classically female gender role regardless of their current gender expression and anyone currently identifying as a womxn regardless of the gender they were born into. The reason this is a closed group is that we will delve deeply into the conscious and subconscious conditioning received by those born into the female body, the ancestral beliefs and vows that are connected to the collective female pain body, the programs that get passed down through DNA specifically from women to women, as well as programs from past lives as women.

If you do not fall into the category of womxn as defined above yet feel this course is for you, please send me a private message to:

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